"Aikido is nonviolence. In Aikido we never attack. If you want to strike first, to gain advantage over someone, that is proof your training is insufficient, and it is really you yourself who has been defeated. Let your partner attack, and use his aggression against him. Do not cower from an attack; control it before it begins. Nonviolence is the true practice of Aikido."

(M. Ueshiba.)


About Aikido

Aikido is a modern martial art, developed in Japan by Morihei Ueshiba, (1883-1969) known to students of Aikido as O-Sensei (Great Teacher.) O-Sensei was a gifted martial artist, whose mastery of jujitsu and of sword, staff and spear won him wide acclaim. After serving in the Japanese Imperial Army, and experiencing firsthand the devastation and dehumanization of modern warfare, O-Sensei rejected the use of martial arts for destructive purposes, and developed an art in which the study of physical movement leads to personal transformation.

Aikido controls and redirects aggression through the power of centered, circular movement. Sincere and rigorous study unifies intellect, body, and spirit to create clarity and calmness on the mat and in daily life. In situations of conflict, Aikido techniques neutralize violence and restore natural balance. There is no competition in Aikido; students train together, each partner stimulating, encouraging, and challenging the other. Repetition, self-discipline, and hard work are required to master the fundamentals of movement, timing, and breathing. Learning to fall safely is a vital aspect of the training. Other rewards may include increased stamina, flexibility, and coordination.